Thursday, 20 December 2012

1 word 2 meanings in English

 Funny English words having more than one meanings, makes fun of the Circumstances...!

Many English words have more than one meaning. If you only know one meaning, it is easy to get confused, that can give a smile on your face when you read it in your self and to others when you convey it to others..!
   So let's look at some of these words and make some fun of English here

    Bank - Place where money storage / The river bank.
    Bat - A flying animal. / A small racket with a long handle, used to play cricket.
   Bear - To carry. / A furry animal.
   Box - A container / The fist fight.
   Bright - Smart / Giving off light
   Coat - Layer of paint / Heavy jacket
   Deck - A pack of cards / The platforms in a ship.
   Duck - Quacking animal / To move down.
   Fly - Type of insect / To move through air.
   Foot - Body part / Measuring unit.
   Gay - Bright and pleasant / Homosexual.
   Light - Something shining / Something not heavy.
   Left - A direction / Past tense of leave
   Lie - To rest / Not to tell true.
  Mean - Average / Be unkind .
  Might - Power / Possibility.
 Mount - Attach to a support / The act of climbing something.
 Nails -  Your nails / what you use for a hammer.
 Pound - Unit of currency / Weight.
 Pop - Appear suddenly / explosive noise / a genre of music.

 Play - Game / An act or a performance.
 Pussy - Informal terms referring to a domestic cat / Obscene term for  female
 Race - Group of people / A competition.
 Rock - A genre of popular music / A stone.
 Ring - Circular object / A bell.
 Saw - Blade for cutting / See or watch
 Stick - Part of tree / To fix.
 State - An area / To say clearly.
 Shade - Area with no sun / color that differs slightly from another color.
 Sink - No float / Where you wash hands.
 Sign - Signature / Communicate silently and non-verbally by signals or signs.
Trip - Vacation / accidental misstep.
Tip - Extreme end of something / Small amount of money given for services.
 Top - The upper part / Child's plaything.
 Too - Exceeding normal / In addition.
Tear - To Separate / A drop of the clear salty solution.
Trunk- Of a tree / A suitcase.

This is not the end you can find still more words like this, so its your turn now to add on with this...
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  1. I fall in love wid my new Girl Friend yesterday morn..., by noon she asked a ring when I asked her number, She braked up by d evening...
    Beware of English...!

  2. Wow wow...,
    English is really Funny :P

  3. I Love Pussies and I'm telling it with Gay... :P


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