Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What is Adsense

When I looked at the terms and conditions of Google's Adsese it looked so huge and quite messy, this made me to write this article so that who ever from today likes to sign up for an Adsense account can easily get an overview of all its T&C...!
The Google Adsense online advertising network, that is an effective way to earn revenue from your website or blog with very less efforts. Sign-up for a Adsense account account to display adverts on your website or blog pages and you'll get paid each time a visitor clicks on an advert. Google Adsense is widely used and welcomes applications from small publishers as well as large publishers. Your website or blog must meet Google Adsense eligibility criteria before it's accepted into the program so here is a brief overview of there T&C's....

Basic Requirements:

Applicants must have a working website or blog to join Google Adsense. A newly-established website or blog is acceptable in most parts of the word, including the United States, Canada and Europe. In some locations, including China and India, but I suggest you to spend 6 to 8 months in enriching your Website or Blog, to make it popular and to get descent rate of daily visitors and only then to sign up for Adsense...!!! 

Contents & Conditions:

Google Adsense has strict content policies to protect the interests of its advertisers. Adsense accepts applications only from websites with original content. If your site contains duplicate or stolen content including text, images and multimedia clips then Adsense will disable the account. Google also bars sites with adult content or content that promotes illegal activity, including file sharing and some video or music download sites. In case of websites I hope you will have ethics but in case of bloggers I strictly recommend to have some ethics...!!! 

Other Conditions:

The quality of traffic to a website or blog is an important consideration for Google Adsense, as I stated in the Basic Requirements, sites must meet strict criteria that prohibit the use of artificial traffic generation schemes or software because these can unfairly inflate advertiser costs. Applicants must also agree not to click the advertisements on their own sites. Google Adsense automatically disables accounts if it suspects click fraud. Applicants must agree to Google's advertisement display guidelines. All sites must also publish a privacy policy that meets Adsense terms and conditions.
It is the condition where all the clients signed up with Adsense gets themselves banned permanently as most of them neglects this condition and click on the adds published on there web/blog pages better stay safe....!!!

Personal Requirements:

The legal definition of an adult varies between locations, but you must be over 18 years old to qualify for a Google Adsense account. Applicants should also have a bank account for receiving regular payments from Google Adsense. The network pays publishers with a check or electronic funds transfer for each month when the minimum $100 payment threshold is met.

So why to waste time...? do something and don't loose this opportunity as the initial investment on this business is 0 and you can do this for Video contents toooo...!!!  

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