Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Android Screen Share with PC

Android Screen Share with PC
3 Steps Screen Share
This is all about sharing your Android Device screen on your PC, via USB...

Android Screen on PC

While looking at the features of Apple Iphone 5, I came to know that it supports projector..! By now I started to miss something in my Smartphone..., that can project my screen on a bigger and better screen.Ya projector was not the exact thing I wantend, but I just wanted to project the contents on my Smartscreen may be on my PC’s Screen. So this is how I made my day...!!!
You all may be knowing about Team Viewer and most of other necessary software's for your PC that helps to share 2 PC's mutually or PC with Android, but here, I’m using almost the same concept to Share my Smartscreen with the Bigscreen, using a JRE file that runs on my Modified PC.  
 Looking at the tools you must have JAVA pre installed in your PC, if not just download it from ORACLE’s website and secondly you can download Screen Share[1] App for PC here, if you are thinking for an app to you smartphone, go there...!!!

So lets begin with the work...,

 Step i. Extract the file, open the folder DroidAtScreen and open the JRE file in it.
Step ii. Go to the ADB menu, click on the last option and locate the ADB.exe file     (in the ADB Tool          folder and click OK). 
Step iii. Enable USB debugging option in your Android Device, wait a few moment and see the magic...!!!
   So enjoy sharing videos, pic's, documents... with your friends, co-workers...

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